What is the Appearance Package in the Ford Flex?

As an extra finish to the Ford Flex, Ford offers what it calls the Appearance Package. The Appearance Package is an addition to the exotic features already included in the Ford Flex. Ordering the Appearance Package gives your Flex an added depth in apparent luxury, no matter what trim level you are purchasing.

The Appearance Package upgrades the Ford Flex look and style on the exterior and the interior. The Appearance Package accents your exterior with a black shadow look by adding black outside mirror caps, a black center bar on the grille, and a black shadow decal on the…

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Ford Donates $10,000 to New York City Public Schools

Ford Drive 4 UR School Program Benefits Public Schools

The Ford Drive 4 UR School program is in its 10th anniversary. This program has worked to help fund elementary, middle and high schools through a test drive program. Every test drive that happens at each Drive 4 UR School event equates to Ford donating $20. This is up to 300 test drives, which translates to about $6,000 per event.

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How to Easily Replace a Flat Tire

Replacing a tire is never fun, but when you are stuck on the side of the road, then the easiest way to get going again is by changing the tire yourself. Most people have a spare tire in their trunk, but if not, you can easily pick up a spare or a doughnut tire for under $50.

These tires are smaller and not meant to last for long trips. Basically, it's just a way to get from here to there. To replace a flat tire, you will need a few things, including a lug wrench, jack, owner's manual…

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DIY Headlight Restoration - What You Should Know

If you’ve ever not been sure if you had your headlights on high or low beam, your vehicle was probably in need of headlight restoration. If this sounds confusing or more than you wish to handle, stop in at Crater Lake Ford Lincoln and let us take care of it for you.

When your vehicle is in need of a headlight restoration, you may not always have time to get it into the shop. Here are some products you can use to restore your headlights yourself.

It’s important to remember with any of these products to do a…

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