A thorough inspection is always the first step to giving you the correct advice on what's wrong with your brakes and brake system. We start there because every vehicle's brakes can wear differently. There are many reasons for a brake system to not be working properly, and estimates on brake jobs aren't accurate without a proper inspection.

Following the inspection, which is free for most vehicles, we provide a free estimate on any and all recommended repairs. You know the costs involved before having your vehicle worked on.

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  • Disc Brake Repair and Services
  • Install quality brake pads and remanufactured calipers
  • Resurface rotors
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Repack wheel bearings and install new front seals (if applicable)
  • Adjust brake components to correctly working (if possable) factory settings
  • AND if they are Motorcraft Brake Pads they are guaranteed for life

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