Ford Fiesta ST Performance Features

When it comes to purchasing a brand new subcompact vehicle, what features do you look for? If technology, performance, and safety are on your list, then the Ford Fiesta ST is a great place to start. The Fiesta ST has become one of America’s favorite subcompact vehicles due to its performance features.

This year’s Ford Fiesta ST model includes 18-inch wheels, keyless entry pad, satellite radio, and an automatic transmission. The ST is even giving drivers the choice of two different body styles.

If you’d prefer a more modern sleek look, then you would find interest in the Ford Fiesta hatchback model. However, if you like a more contemporary style, then you may like the ST sedan. Regardless of which model you choose, both models have amazing engines that are sturdy and durable. You won’t view subcompact vehicles the same after owning the Ford Fiesta ST.

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