Ford Mustang: American Legend with Refined Design

The Ford Mustang sports car is built to conquer closed tracks, public highways, and unpaved roads. We at Crater Lake Ford Lincoln are excited to announce the arrival of this iconic muscle car that has vintage styling and futuristic technology. Based in Medford, OR, we sell the Fastback and Convertible editions at competitive retail prices.

The power-assisted steering system in the Ford Mustang operates on three different modes that are selected by the driver. When the Sport Mode is on, you'll have to grapple the steering wheel with more effort. The Normal Mode should be reserved for smooth rides at medium speeds.

Additionally, the Comfort Mode minimizes the steering effort on the road. Powered by the TREMEC technology, a dual-clutch transmission system is available in this popular Ford sports car. A rotary-type dial replaces a conventional gear selector in the cockpit for extra comfort. You could utilize the Launch Control to further optimize the gearbox.

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