How do the Gas and Electric Motors Work Together in the Ford C-Max?

The C-Max is Ford’s answer to consumer demand for hybrid vehicles that operate off a combination of gas and electric motors. Some of the tandem use is governed by driver selection, but the central computer gears most of the application.

As one of the best selections for driving around Medford, the C-Max hybrid has an electric motor that runs off a 1.4 kWh lithium-ion battery and a gas driven 2.0-Liter engine that generates 188-horsepower when operating in tandem. The electric motor serves as the primary engine to speeds up to 85 mph if the driver chooses to do so. However, selecting the tandem mode allows the computer to choose when the gas engine chimes in as an auxiliary.

At Crater Lake Ford Lincoln, our expert staff services and maintains the lithium-ion battery for peak performance as well as the gas engine.

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