Tough Features of the Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a dependable pickup truck that is ready to take on your next adventure. This is a vehicle that is built for tough and can withstand even the toughest circumstances. Whether you need to transport gear or just enjoying off-roading, the Ford Ranger will not disappoint.

The 2.3L EcoBoost with best-in-class gas torque is one aspect that helps the Ford Ranger take on the rugged demands of off-roading adventures. There is a 10-speed SelectShift automatic that features Ford-patented technology. The 10-speed SelectShift delivers quick and smooth shifting.

The gas payload and towing are another aspect that makes the Ford Ranger a tough vehicle. This vehicle has a 1,860-lb. payload. This is a much larger payload than other gas-powered midsize pickups. The Ford Ranger also has 7,500-lb. tow ratings. If you carry gear and lots of it, you need a vehicle that can handle carrying a large amount of gear.

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