Dealing with Odors inside Your Vehicle

At Crater Lake Ford Lincoln, we find in-car odors about as pleasant as you find them. Fortunately, we're your Medford, OR automotive experts, and we have tips to help you deal with a smelly vehicle.

First, you can't kill your car's odors if its interior is dirty. Discard any garbage that might be in your vehicle. Vacuum its interior, too. If you have stains on your seats or carpets, shampoo them. Once your auto is clean and dry, take a deep breath. If something still smells unpleasant, we recommend a car-strength odor neutralizer. Follow the neutralizer's instructions, and apply it to your climate control's air intakes if needed.

When your vehicle's air smells clean, do everything possible to prevent new odors' introduction. Avoid eating in your car. Do not let trash collect in it. And keep an odor fighter under your seat. We prefer baking soda or a little citrus oil in a no-spill container.

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