A Brief Look at The Ford EcoSport's Capability Features

When our friends and neighbors in Medford, OR ask us to point them in the direction of a compact SUV that is capable of handling just about anything, we do not hesitate to suggest the new Ford EcoSport. This popular vehicle is simply packed with capability features that make it a joy to drive and own.

The team here at Crater Lake Ford Lincoln has been particularly impressed by the EcoSport's Hill Start Assist functionality. This helpful system makes it easy for you to change from using the brakes to hitting the gas while stopped on a hill - without needing to worry about rolling backward.

This fabulous vehicle also offers Auto Start-Stop Technology. This system cuts off the vehicle's engine when it is not being used and starts it up again when it is needed. For drivers who want to conserve energy and save some money at the fuel pumps, this feature is perfect.

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